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Bolton Serunjogi, a singer-songwriter born in Uganda and now living in Dallas, Texas, has discovered a way to interact with the world and everybody in it through music. Drawing from African as well as western musical elements, he crafts songs as reflections on what he sees and experiences, and what he observes taking place in those around him. “We live in very fast paced world, and I most times feel like we need to be reminded to slow down, take a deep breath and relax a bit,” he explains, “I want to make songs that help people relax, slow down, and think. I believe music can speak into someone’s life that may be going through a tough time, or even illuminate a happy moment.”

Bolton’s journey has been filled with ups and downs, growing up from so many different homes. “I had two loving parents at one point as a child. When my mom left my dad, I got sent to my grandmother who had just lost her husband. I stayed there for a few years then I got moved to one of my aunts. Then back to my dad’s, and to another aunt. And so forth. That is why I see the world with a different perspective! But I also have so much to be thankful for.” Bolton has graced many with his musical performance including: The Carlton Landing - Oklahoma community, Celebrate Killeen Festival, Black History Month- University of Texas, Dallas. Among others. 

He has been around music for as long as he can remember. “I have been told by my elder brothers that when I was a toddler, our dad would play a game with us, where he would put on music on the radio and whoever won the dance competition would get a snack. And that I would always win.” Later in his teenage life, Bolton would go on to join breakdancing in the city of Kampala, where he even grew further in his appreciation of music! “I remember the first time I saw someone playing the acoustic guitar. I knew that I had to learn to play this instrument. I was going to join university and study information technology, but I switched to bachelor of arts in music! I realized there was something about sound that I appreciated.” 

While attending university, Bolton grew his passion for the study of music in cultures, known as ethnomusicology. This has given him the desire to fuse instruments from other cultures with modern sounds and instruments, creating his unique sound! "There are so many sounds around the world, from so many cultures. And it is fascinating how each culture and group of people have their instruments and ways of creating music within their society, and it sounds good. I feel like it all deserves to be heard and could be fused to come up with one sweet sound. I love experimenting with sound."

Bolton taught himself to play guitar, borrowing the instrument from the Church he attended. “I remember the only time I could practice guitar was when the Church office building was open. I couldn’t take the instrument home, so I had to make the time I had to practice worthwhile. Now living in Dallas I can access any guitar I want. I have about seven guitar. And sometimes I wonder if there could be someone like me back in my country, also trying to learn how to play guitar but has no access.That is why I want to give away one acoustic guitar every year in Uganda through my Afri-Venture Sessions!” 

Bolton currently resides in Dallas, Texas with his family of five. He is working on his second album which will be out sometime in 2025. With songs like “Road” which reflects on being on the road always as a musician playing shows from one city to another, to songs like “Companion” which celebrates relationships and love, Bolton will sweep you away in a melodic experience you will never forget!  

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