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What is Afri-venture?

 Afri-venture sessions are intimate, acoustic performances with African musical elements and influence. Experience the sounds of a beautiful culture by joining us in a coffee shop, living room, or backyard!


 You can expect a fun and engaging performance with Bolton Sserunjogi and perhaps, other talented local musicians he may bring along!


 Interested in hosting an Afri-Venture session in the future? Email us from the Contact page.

Our desire is to make Afri-Venture Sessions a free admission concert for all and bring guest African musicians to as many communities as we can, and if

you would like to help us make this a reality, please consider donating.


To bring African entertainment in form of music and storytelling to the Africans in the diaspora and to the world, creating a feel of home. Now , we are home! 


Through these events, we hope to bring different artist from different parts of Africa to showcase a glimpse of their culture. We also hope that this space will be a meeting ground for people to network and to build as strong community. We believe Afri-Venture will be a place where children that are born to African parents in the diaspora will come to learn a thing or two about the continent, her people, culture and art. 

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